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About Us

Our teaching methods at TBT are based on fundamental principles. Principally, we believe that learning cannot be truly achieved at the behest of an authority figure. In this respect, we take pedagogical influence from Wilhelm von Humboldt’s claim that,

Whatever does not spring from a man’s free choice, or is only the result of instruction and guidance, does not enter into his very being, but remains alien to his true nature; he does not perform it with truly human energies, but merely with mechanical exactness…

We understand that this is one of the major shortcomings of modern public education where a students’ achievement is predicated, to some degree or another, on their acquiescence to authority. This will often mean that even though pupils can take pride in their results, they become frustrated, antagonistic and disillusioned. For this reason among others, we believe that dependency, no matter its brevity, cannot provide a path to intellectual development. Rather, we seek to ensure that every lesson encourages curiosity, enquiry, investigation and debate between tutor and student. To that end, our tutors pay close attention to the particular strengths and weaknesses of their student and redirect them towards the pursuit of a problem derived from their curriculum. At TBT, we conceive our students as already possessed of a desire to learn even if not about the state-required subjects or by the standard means. Therefore our tutors are charged with the responsibility to guide students through an investigative process, using their students’ skills and attributes to their maximum potential. Above all, we believe that learning and the desire to understand is universal and precedes institutional education. Thus it cannot be defined, much less pursued, from any one point of view and we teach accordingly.


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